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Our Work Process

We are using modern processes and agile workflows. This most popular methodology allows you to divide your project into stages. With a focus on usability and accessibility along with the usage of cutting-edge technologies, we are able to deliver solutions to startups and corporations alike. Requires constant collaboration with stakeholders for a great outcome. 

1. Requirement Analysis

All the data obtained from our customers is compiled to carry out a complete analysis to find possibilities in existing business processes. The current processes and technologies of the customer are also considered to find out how they interact with the future design, and how we can deliver faster and within time.

Goal: User Story, User Journey Development, and Journey mapping.

2. UI/UX Design

AdroitCoders is known to build an appropriate and holistic solution delivery architecture, we prioritize activities into three classes Vital, Relevant and Optional on the nature of business requirements and current investments. To support the need we design the mock-ups, workflows, and high-fidelity prototypes and visualize the application to make sure it is as per the customer’s idea.

Goal: Wireframing, Designing, Mock-ups, User story enablement handoffs for development.

3. Website Development

With comprehensive implementation criteria, consideration of resource mapping, scheduling, and execution of processes a project plan is developed. For development, all the mockups and workflows are converted into pieces. As per the priority set and agreed on we select the features and start developing upon the language required. Throughout the entire development, process progress is monitored.

Goal: Plan, Execute, and Monitor

4. Testing/Quality Assurance

To make sure that a product has met its specification in the topmost quality possible along with the business requirements of the clients our Quality Assurance team covers the entire process of the development cycle with both Functional and Non Functional testing.

Goal: To deliver bug-free and as-per-specification applications.

5. Deployment & Feedback

A Gleaming new website is delivered after the final product testing. On request, we either transfer all the files which you can upload by yourself on your hosted server or we can upload the files on your hosted server and make the website live for you. Free support of 30 days is offered by AdroitCoders after the completion of the project. As an added advantage you will also get video tutorials made by our experts to explain how you can manage the front end of the website through the backend.

Goal: Delivery & Handover

6. Maintenance & Technical Support

Making changes to the website and keeping it up to date could be a tedious job for you, so here at AdroitCoders we take care of it and tackle all the hassle. Our extraordinary tech team is at your service providing assistance with everything that is from design to programming. Yearly, monthly, or Hourly as per your requirement, you can avail of the budget-friendly maintenance packages that we offer.
After selecting a suitable service plan you can send your instructions either via email or through voice/video call, whichever mode is convenient for both parties. We’ll be with you, as your personal maintenance team, for as long as you need.
You can always count on AdroitCoders for all web solutions be it website development or modification to an already existing site.

Goal: Monitoring

Technologies we work with

We have adapted to the advancements in technology because our company is technology driven.

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Owner, Mecolin Group (Netherlands)

I don’t have any criticism for you guys as you are WONDERFUL!

Alexis van de Ven Seda (Texas, USA)

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